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The Sugar HIG Layout


By Dave Crossland (GSoC Mentor)

Responding to Eli’s first wireframe, I knocked it about to make this mockup which I think follows more closely the Sugar HIG layout, with DC Wireframe: Sugar HIG Layout

Essentially I implied a few things:

The other drawing tools are not included here, but I expect they would be along the primary toolbar.

I wonder where a 3rd level toolbar might fit. Perhaps along the base of the canvas area to show they are related to the canvas (similar to MarioPaint)?

A font editor inherently requires different ‘major modes’ for different experiences in the type design process, especially on a small screen as the XO has. I wonder if the primary toolbar should be reserved for switching between these, sort of like tabs; or even if they should be separate activities… the DTL Font Master suite works this way, an application for drawing, an application for spacing, an application for OpenType feature development, and so on.

I also would like to point out a few things I particularly like about the XO device:

I’m looking forward to hearing more about Eli’s next UX ideas, and what insights Yash and Harshita are gaining from reading the defcon and other library sources…