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By Yash Agarwal (GSoC Student)

As Thomas Edison once said:

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Well, I haven’t tried it 10,000 times, but have definitely found a lot of ways that things didn’t work as I expected, during this community bonding phase.

I have read through the following links relevant to this GSoC - and more! As this not an exhaustive list, because I changed my machine recently… As a history dump it contains some less-relevant and not-project-specific links that I found relevant in some way:

As you may have noticed that there is debate going on the #sugar-meeting chanel on whether to use JS/HTML or Python/GTK to develop this activity. Also a 3rd way is to use Python Backend with Web UI suggested, by Dave.

The following is a try of the JS/HTML version of the app I started going through, with ufoJS where I tried implementing the sample glif-renderer in hopes that I can hack it and make it display a Character Map. I faced some issues with require.js which were later solved with Lasse Fister’s help. The Character Map is still to be checked into Github.

Then I tried making a Python/GTK stand-alone verision of the same character map, and ran into issues in drawing the glyphs with defcon. I emailed Adrién Tetar regarding it, but I’m yet to receive a reply. This is what I have made so far: Python/GTK Mock

Here is a screenshot for it:

screenshot of pyGtkMokc

In the last IRC meeting we discussed the platform issue, and figured out the right way to move forward is with Sugar Desktop.