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By Eli Heuer (GSoC Mentor)

I checked a small Python script into pyGtkMock, it’s something I wrote while reviewing and experimenting with the work so far.

It just loops through all the .ufo files in a directory and replaces:

#load the font
path = "sample"

…which I was having trouble working with.

import os
from defcon import Font

# loop through all .UFO files in the same directory as this script
# print glyph count and glyph names
for ufo_input_filename in os.listdir('.'):
    if not ufo_input_filename.endswith('.ufo'):
        continue # skip non-ufo files
    font = Font(ufo_input_filename)
    print ''
    print 'Processing -- ' + ufo_input_filename + '...'
    print(ufo_input_filename + " has " + str(len(font)) + " glyphs");

    for glyph in font: