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Week 5 Work


By Yash Agarwal (GSoC Student)

The issue with the stars next to the fonts is solved, closing issue 16:

2016-06-28 stars bug solved

We can also change the Sample Text:

2016-06-28 sample text

There are 2 types of fonts considered while making the Font Manager: * System Fonts, stored in /usr/share/fonts, the activity will need root access to activate/deactivate fonts * User Fonts, stored in ~/.fonts if they are Active or in /home/<u-name>/.fonts-inactive is they are Inactive

There are 3 states a font can be in:

There is a edit font button in the row of the selected font next to active/inactive buttons. When clicked it opens up the font in the editor to be edited:

2016-06-28 activating a font

2016-06-28 deactivating a font